marcy (cmumarcy) wrote in michiganartist,

these aren't exactly 'slide quality' but you get the idea

'lady lazarus'
(about sylvia plath)
2.5' x 3'

'mrs dalloway'
(about virginia woolf)
(w/ rocks chris and i picked up at the beach this summer)
2.5' x 3'

my first coil pot
(it was like birthing a child)
18" tall

an ode to peas
(and feeling lonely)
10" x 4"

my winter landscape watering can
10" tall

'peace of mind'
a gift i made for my friend jackie (she's a psych major)
16" x 20"

another ind. study piece on the chemical paclitaxel, which is found in the pacific yew tree and is the active agent in radiation treatments for ovarian cancer
22" x 30"

let me know what you think
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